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You can't sleep at night and it's starting to drive you crazy. You spend your days in a zombie-like trance, without the energy or motivation to do anything. Your work suffers because you just can't think straight. Your family life suffers because, on just a couple hours sleep, you're not the nicest person to be around.

Believe me, I know how you feel!

My name's Reese Richards and in addition to having lived with sleep apnea since my teenage years, I was also a chronic snorer. To be honest, while I was suffering with these two sleep conditions, I didn't take them very seriously. Sure I would snore after I fell asleep. And often I would wake myself up gasping for breath after experiencing one of many apneas (pauses in breathing) throughout the night. But I simply fought to go back to sleep and thought nothing of it.

Reese Richards, author Get to Sleep Now! 39 Ways to Guarantee your ZZZs

I also thought that it was very normal that I didn't have much energy during the day, had trouble focusing on the task at hand and was almost always in need of a nap by the early afternoon.

It wasn't until my girlfriend urged (well, actually insisted) that I see a sleep doctor that I actually started thinking that maybe something was wrong and that I didn't have to live this way. This was to be the first of many sleep studies that I would eventually undergo. I've spent countless nights in sleep facilities strung up to every machine imaginable - all in the hopes of finding out why I couldn't sleep through the night, why I woke up frequently throughout the night and why I had very little energy the next day.

After all the tests and studies, the doctors told me: "You have sleep apnea. Wear a Sleep Apnea Mask to bed each night"

If you're not aware of what a sleep apnea mask is, it's a mask that's worn over the user's nose and mouth and hooked up to a machine that pumps air into your airways to keep them open throughout the night. They've since gotten much smaller, quieter and more comfortable, but back then they were big, bulky, loud and uncomfortable. I quit using it after the second night. And so continued my struggle.

ResMed Mirage Activa Sleep Apnea mask Modern Day Sleep Apnea Mask

My mother also had similar sleep problems and she always took a cocktail of different pills to "help" with her sleep issues. I knew, however, that I didn't want to be taking drugs - I didn't want to depend on something that I could see had negative effects.

Growing up, my Mom just kept taking more and more prescription medications. Some were to help sleep, some were for anxiety, some were to counteract the effects of the others. All in all, I saw my mother's health deteriorate from all the medications she was prescribed - by her own doctor.

Finally, after painfully watching my mother's health deteriorate over the years, I vowed to find a solution...a NATURAL solution.

Now, I'm no doctor - I'm just a regular person like you who has suffered and felt the pain associated with a lack of sleep. You see, although I may not have been aware of just how much this low-quality sleep was affecting my life, I realized it quick enough when I finally found the solution and started getting quality sleep each night. Man, I'm telling you, the difference is night and day!

I now fall asleep within minutes of hitting the pillow. I sleep soundly throughout the night, maybe waking up once to grab the sheets from my girlfriend who tends to hog them all. But other than that, I don't wake up until my body tells me it's time to wake up. No alarm clock, just me listening to my body tell me I've had enough sleep (always between 7 and 8 hours).

My days are now filled with creativity and energy. I don't need a nap during the day, my mind is continually bursting with thoughts and ideas and I have enough energy to go out biking, hiking, jogging or in-line skating for an hour each morning. Life truly is better when you've had a good night's sleep.

After I was living the good life for a couple of years (and by good life, I simply mean getting quality sleep each and every night), my girlfriend started having difficulties sleeping. She eventually asked me to help. Thinking of her and my mother's situation made me start to think about a solution to their problems.

And so I started writing down all the things I had read about, tried or researched, all the sleeping tips, tricks and strategies I'd learned over the years as well as what I was currently doing that was working for me.

The result is a 55-page sleep ebook called Get to Sleep Now! 39 Ways to Guarantee your ZZZs. I wrote the Get To Sleep Now ebook to help my mother and my girlfriend (and as many other people as I can) achieve quality sleep.

Get to Sleep Now eBook

Now, there's a lot of crappy sleep ebooks on the internet these days - I should know, I've been researching the topic for many years now. And most of the stuff I came across was just garbage. Aside from not having any decent content, many of the sleep ebooks out there read like they were written by a 10-year old.

I want you to know that you don't have to worry about that with my Get to Sleep Now ebook. I'm a best-selling author (proof here: Reese Richards, best-selling author or Google "Reese Richards author"), so you don't have to worry about the quality of the writing. And, I give a solid guarantee so you don't have to worry about the quality of the content either.

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In my Get To Sleep Now ebook, you'll learn why its not the Quantity of sleep you get that matters, but the Quality of that sleep.

I'll also show you:

  • What you are doing every day that is preventing you from getting to sleep

  • How to Fall Asleep Instantly instead of laying awake for hours

  • How to Sleep Soundly Through the Night

  • How to wake up Feeling Refreshed and Rejuvenated

You'll also find out:

  • How your bedroom may be the very reason you can't fall asleep

  • What you need to do before bed to ensure you sleep soundly through the night

  • Foods to avoid before bedtime and foods that will help you instantly fall asleep

  • How your lifestyle choices are affecting the quality of your sleep

  • Herbal remedies that you need to know about which have been used for centuries to bring on sleep

  • How to stay off sleeping pills forever

In this day and age, it's tough to believe anything you read on the internet. I'm sure you've gone out and bought a sleep ebook or two, or tried some sleep trick your friend or coworker has told you. But here you are, still searching for the Holy Grail of sleep.

I don't want to tell you that I have some magic answer or magic pill to get you to sleep. What you'll find in the Get To Sleep Now ebook is knowledge. Knowledge about sleep, what it is, what it does for us, why we need it, and most importantly, methods that you can use - starting tonight - to get to sleep.

Okay, I could go on and on about the benefits of a good night's sleep and how much better I feel because I get solid, uniterupted sleep each night. But, what you really want to know is: Has it worked for others?

Well, here's just a couple of the TESTIMONIALS that I've received about my Get To Sleep Now ebook:

"Reese's e-book 'Get to Sleep Now! 39 Ways to Guarantee your ZZZs' is a very educational read. I've had some sleeping trouble and have always thought that "more sleep" would solve it. I'm glad that I read his e-book because now I know that there's more to getting a good night's sleep. The best part is that now I know that I can have quality sleep WITHOUT spending more time sleeping!"

~Dan Pickens,

"A must for anyone suffering with sleepless nights! Well written and informative. A common sense approach to getting something we could all use, better sleep!"

~Salvatore Friscia, Best-Selling Author and Property Management Broker

I've had trouble sleeping most of my life and have seriously thought about taking prescription medications. I went online to do some research and came across the sleep eBook, Get To Sleep Now! 39 Ways to Guarantee your ZZZs. I'm SOOOO happy I found the book because now I have found my personal recipe for sleep and I'm able to get to sleep and stay asleep. There is a natural way! YAY!

~Kira Harris, Web Developer and
English Educator

Well, there's not much left to say except tell you how much you're going to have to spend to finally be able to get quality sleep, sleep throughout the night and wake up feeling wonderful each and every day.

So, here it is:


I'll also include a ton of useful bonuses!

I want to make sure that you get value from your purchase and so I'm going to throw in a bunch of BONUSES that I think you'll really find helpful.

Get to Sleep Now ebook BONUS #1

Natural Ways to Stop Snoring

Natural Ways to Stop Snoring ebook

A 35-page ebook dealing with this "minor" medical condition. Snoring has been known to destroy relationships and is one of the leading signs of more serious sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea. Save your relationship and your health with this informative guide.

Get to Sleep Now ebook BONUS #2

Overcoming Insomnia

Overcoming Insomnia ebook

Insomnia is the constant inability to get to sleep - and living with it can be hell. This 19 page special report touches on the reasons people experience insomnia and what you can do about it.

Get to Sleep Now ebook BONUS #3

Defeat Depression

Defeat Depression ebook

Depression and anxiety have become so prevalent in today's fast-paced society. As a matter of fact, the incidence of depression and anxiety has tripled since 1990 and more than twenty-five percent of the adult population in the U.S. suffers from one or more mood troubles. What's worse is that the common 'cure' for depression and anxiety is prescription medications. But, these prescription drugs are commonly the cause of sleeping disorders. Find out how to Defeat Depression naturally with this 39-page ebook - this may be all you need to improve the quality fo your sleep.

Get to Sleep Now ebook BONUS #4

Beginner's Guide to Meditation

Beginner's Guide to Meditation ebook

Meditation isn't just for 'wackjobs', zen masters and martial artists anymore. The benefits of meditation are truly astounding - Improved Ability to Focus, Increased Creativity, Deeper Level of Relaxation, Decrease in Stress Hormone, Lower Blood Pressure, Decreased Cigarette, Alcohol, and Drug Abuse, to name a few. Learn how meditation can improve your sleep and your life in this 55-page ebook - a Beginner's Guide to Meditation.

Get to Sleep Now ebook BONUS #5

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners ebook

Yoga has been used for centuries as a way to Reduce Stress and Pain, Increase Strength, Improve Circulation and Flexibility and Better Breathing and Cardiovascular Conditioning. I don't have to tell you how all those benefits will aid in sleep. 55 pages with pictures included, showing you exactly how to start enjoying the benefits of the now-trendy Yoga.

Get to Sleep Now ebook BONUS #6

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming ebook

Lucid Dreaming is basically the ability to control the outcome of your dreams. Actually, its more than that. It's the ability to create an alternate reality in your dreams. One that is so real that it rivals any virtual reality game. When you learn how to harness the power of Lucid Dreaming, you'll Improve your Problem Solving Skills, Increase your Creativity and Confidence, be able to Face your Fears and Explore Alternate Realities. Learn how to control the outcome of your dreams and life with this 29-page ebook.

And if that wasn't enough already,
I'll even throw in..

Get to Sleep Now ebook

55 Lean
Body Foods

55 Lean Body Foods Report

We all know that healthy eating is an important factor in getting a good night's rest. But, most people view healthy eating as BORING. It doesn't have to be that way! In this report, you'll find out 55 foods you can eat that are both tasty and healthy - and the list is sure to surprise you.

Get to Sleep Now ebook

126 Smoothie

126 Smoothie Recipes that taste great

Whether you're looking for a quick nutritious breakfast, a powerful post-workout shake or simply a little mid-morning or afternoon snack, smoothies are an excellent choice. Not only are smoothies very nutritious, they also taste great! If being obese is one of the reasons you can't find sleep each night, start eating healthy 126 different smoothie ways.
Even comes complete with Nutritional Information for each Smoothie!

My Rock-Solid, No Questions Asked,
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Get to Sleep Now eBook Guarantee

Take 30 days to test it out! If this eBook doesn't show you exactly how to instantly fall asleep...if it doesn't teach you what to do to ensure that you sleep soundly through the night...and if it doesn't show you how to get the kind of quality sleep that allows you to wake up feeling refreshed and energized, I don't want your money. Just say the word and I'll refund every penny!


So go ahead and click the "Add to Cart" button above right now and you'll be one step closer to finding blissful sleep tonight - and each and every night from now on. This Get To Sleep Now eBook is being offered at a very special price with extra special bonuses, so click the order button now before I pull the bonuses and raise the price to $47 (like I was going to charge)!

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Once again, here is everything that's included when you invest in yourself today:

  1. Get to Sleep Now! 39 Ways to Guarantee your ZZZs ebook

  2. Natural Ways to Stop Snoring ebook

  3. Overcoming Insomnia ebook

  4. Defeat Depression ebook

  5. Beginner's Guide to Meditation ebook

  6. Yoga for Beginners ebook

  7. Lucid Dreaming ebook

  8. Report: 55 Lean Body Foods

  9. 126 Smoothie Recipes ebook

Honestly, I could easily sell each of the above ebooks for what I'm charging for all of them. I just want to cover my costs, pay my designer, website hosting fees etc and get this information out to as many people as I can as fast as I can.

I know what it feels like not to be able to sleep each night, to wake up constantly and to go through the day lacking energy and enthusiasm for life.

But I know it doesn't have to be that way for you

Note: You'll be able to access everything immediately after you purchase. The Get To Sleep Now ebook as well as the other 8 bonuses listed above are all available for immediate download. As soon as your payment is received, you will be given the link where you can go and download your products. You are just minutes away from improving your life and your sleep.

With my No-Questions Asked Guarantee, you really have nothing to lose and only valuable hours of quality sleep and improved health to gain.

To Your Sleeping Success,


Reese Richards


P.S - Don't fall into the short-term trap of taking prescription sleeping medications that will cause health problems for you in the future. Click the 'Add to Cart' button above for your copy of Get To Sleep Now! 39 Ways to Guarantee your ZZZs and learn how to fall asleep naturally, without harmful, addictive prescription drugs.

P.P.S - You can continue to struggle to get to sleep, continue struggling each night to stay asleep and keep fighting throughout the day to stay awake and alert. You can keep risking your job, family life and relationship by not taking action. Or, you can TAKE ACTION NOW. I've provided you with all the information you need to finally start sleeping better, to be able to stay asleep and to have energy and a positive attitude the next day. The choice is yours.