Insomnia Causes

Insomnia causes often have multiple factors and the problem or solution can not be narrowed down to just one cause. Every night millions of people suffer from sleep disorders and every day millions of people feel sleep deprived. This makes life draining - work, family, and hobbies become a struggle, it becomes hard to focus and your body's energy levels continue to deplete.

The causes of insomnia vary from person to person and can affect them physically, emotionally and psychologically. Unhealthy sleep is accompanied by a multitude of health problems. It is important to take your sleep troubles seriously and seek out relief from insomnia. But in order to find relief, you must identify cause of your insomnia.

Stress - When the mind feels stress the body will manifest real physical symptoms - commonly in the form of insomnia. Daily stresses can be hard to cope with, but one key solution is exercise. No need to hit the gym and press weights - simple exercises like morning or evening walks, skipping rope, dancing or yoga (or light stretching) will do wonders for your mind and body.

Diet - Eating before bedtime not only increases the risk of obesity, but it also keeps you awake. Your digestive system needs time and a lot of energy to break down the food and cannot relax until the job is done. This keeps your mind active. Also, the body finds it difficult to digest in a prone position. The best way to speed up this digestive process is to go for a walk or climbs some stairs. If you are too hungry to sleep, eat something small like crackers or nuts. Remember, oftentimes you think you're hungry when in fact you're thirsty - try drinking some sleepy tea or a glass of milk instead.

Medication - For many people, their sleep disorders come about after they begin taking medication for some other ailment. Their insomnia causes are often contributed to medications or stimulants that are prescribed for conditions such as depression and ADHD. Make sure you voice all of your concerns to your doctor about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Medical Conditions - Other causes of insomnia can be related to medical conditions where the body feels pain or discomfort and is unable to rest. Conditions such as arthritis and asthma become worse when the body is prone as opposed to a sitting or standing position. Over-exertion of the body during the day (too much exercise for example) can lead to aches at night because the body is trying to repair muscles and tissues.

There are numerous insomnia treatments available - natural, herbal or pharmaceutical. Read more about insomnia treatments and learn about how to deal with insomnia. Most importantly, speak with a doctor to determine the root of your insomnia causes.