What to do for Insomnia

Not sure what to do for Insomnia? Prescription medications exist that will relieve insomnia - but this may only last a short time and can cause other problems. Many of these synthetic medications cause adverse side effects to users. If you're wondering what to do for insomnia, try looking towards alternative and natural remedies, which are very effective and are relatively inexpensive.

What to do for Insomnia and sleep like a baby.

The first thing you should do when trying to alleviate your insomnia is:

  • Take a look at your room conditions
    Your room should be comfortable and relaxing. Check the temperature of your room and then evaluate the comfort level of your mattress, sheets and pillows.

  • Remove all Disturbances
    Then make sure there are no disturbances in your room such as audio devices, ticking clocks, televisions or any other device which emits noise and / or light.

  • Avoid using your laptop before bed
    The bright light of the screen will inhibit sleep in addition to it being a constant reminder of deadlines.

  • Cut out the Noise
    If you live near a busy street, you may want to look at getting soft earplugs to block out the noise.

  • Cut out the Light
    If the sun comes beaming through your curtains in the morning, it may be wise to invest in thick or light-blocking curtains. You may also want to look into eye masks as an alternative to better curtains.

Unlike children who have fixed routines, adults are more in control of theirs. Due to commitments with work, family and friends, adults tend to choose to sleep fewer hours.

  • Develop a Daily and Before Bed Routine
    On top of implementing natural treatments for insomnia, it is also essential to have a daily routine and to make a plan for a nightly before-bed routine. Make sure that you allot enough time throughout the day for regular meals, exercise and relaxation - of the body and mind. At night, find a routine that works well for you and go through the same routine each night before bed. This syncs your body and mind with the idea that it's time for bed.

  • Exercise is probably the number one thing you can do to conquer insomnia. It increases your heart rate and level of alertness, and raises your body temperature. Any form of exercise will do such as aerobics, running, taking a brisk walk, biking, or dancing. Always keep in mind that you should never exercise less than 3 to 4 hours before sleeping, as it will interrupt your sleep. Other forms of exercise you can do are Tai Chi and Yoga, which help stimulate blood flow.

Now that you know what to do for insomnia, start implementing the tips above and gauge how effective each one works for you. Here are some other insomnia tips and insomnia treatments that may also prove effective in eliminating your insomnia.